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Nationwide partnership

We’ve partnered with government agencies & 1000s of auction sites around the nation to provide sellers the largest platform to auction off their cars.

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Our state-of-the-art platform offers the safest, most secured transactions that protects buyers and auctioneers anywhere in the country.

Profitable Car Sales


Our auto auction site boasts of a strong buyer base with high auction returns as our auctions are open to dealers and the public.

Customers Review

Matthew С.

This was the first time I sold my vehicle in just 5 days. I thought it was impossible, as I spent two months on selling my previous car. I was impressed by the number of bidders and offers. Finally, I managed to sell my Ford for more than I expected. Now I'm looking for a new car and I hope to find it here.

Apr 25th 2015

Herny A.

This was my first car selling experience at CarAuctionTexas. Now I'm sure that selling your vehicle for more is possible. The registration didn't take much time, as well as adding my car to the website. I really enjoyed the auction. The seller was very responsible and transferred the money on time.

Aug 16th 2015

Maya A.

Finding the right place for buying your next vehicle is not an easy task. I'm the one who managed to find it. CarAuctionTexas offers not only a wide range of makes and models to choose from, but also the prices are lower than at other auctions. I bought my Chevy for less and my husband likes it very much!

Feb 26th 2016

Welcome to Car Auction Texas! We're here to provide a fun, easy going car buying experience. Our auto auction is a fast and convenient way to find the vehicle that’s right for you. When you’re ready to start the buying process, simply find and select the best car to buy, bid on it, and drive your new car! Get your next car at the best possible price. Searching for the right car won’t be a problem with our extensive inventory of the most popular car models, affordable used cars, Japanese used cars, sports cars, import cars, classic cars, and exotic cars. You can also find a brand new car or the cheapest new car. You may see several low cost cars at our website, but we guarantee you they’re in excellent driving condition. The prices at our Texas online auctions are much lower than anywhere else. At CarAuctionTexas, you can also sell your used car lots for a better value.