2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast: The Name Says It All

06/25/2017 22:52:36
2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast: The Name Says It All
Remarkably, given its astounding brawn, the 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast produces far fewer C02 emissions than its V-12 predecessors.

Have you already heard about the 2018 812 Superfast? If not, meet the new Ferrari with the silliest, most childish, and absolutely coolest name ever! Officially, the name is an homage to the 4.9 Superfast of the 1950s, Ferrari getting all gushy and sentimental as it celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. But forget all that and just say the name again: Superfast. There hasn’t been a more descriptive and honest moniker for a product since Sugar Pops.



Replacing the F12, the Superfast is the fastest, most powerful regular-production Ferrari ever made (and, no, the LaFerrari was definitely not a regular-production car). It matches the LaFerrari’s V-12 in hp, tops it in torque, and simply obliterates the already stupefying special-edition F12tdf. The Superfast is able to reach 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. The top speed is 211 mph. Though based on the 6.3-liter unit in the F12, the Superfast’s naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 is 75 percent new. In addition to the increased displacement (via a longer stroke), the Superfast’s engine features a new crankshaft, new con rods, a new piston design, and a more robust crankcase.



Remarkably, given its astounding brawn, the Superfast produces far fewer C02 emissions than its V-12 predecessors. The engine breathes out through six-into-one exhaust manifolds with exhaust pipes optimized to enhance the V-12’s legendary scream. At its 8,900-rpm redline, the Superfast could make a Navy SEAL dive for cover. Ferrari’s F1 seven-speed dual-clutch automatic returns, but it’s been beefed-up for Superfast duty. The gear ratios have been lowered by an average of 6 percent to improve acceleration, while faster-responding paddles and improved torque management have reduced shift times by 30 percent. The price for the 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast starts at $308,000.


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